Lets play shall we?

Lets play shall we?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Like a river....

A normal day. Get up,get ready for work,thinking of what needs to be done how it can be achieved. Looks in the mirror as eyeliner is applied with a fierce precision. Mascara is quickly brushed on the lashes. Hair is perfectly in place. Ready for battle. Has purse in hand,and almost out the door. She feels something warm and wet and rushes into the bathroom. Blood everywhere. It is as if her life is bleeding out by the ounce,yet the pain is not there. She looks at the crime scene that just appeared on the floor and for some wicked reason she smiles. She cleans up the mess and changes. Tells her friend she has to go to the hospital,but she has to stop by her store to let them know she will not be in today. Sitting in the waiting room,nothing but the smell of bleach is in the air. Her name is called and she limps to the room that has been made ready just for her. She looks at the room,white plastic sheets on the bed,plastic pillow, shiny metal instruments and a vase of silk flowers.She was told to undress,and to put "these" on. Dressed in the gown,the girl hears a know on the door. The doctor enters the room,and she knows its time to be prodded. As one shiny metal tool after another does its job,tears spill down her face. "Well,what is happening to you is what we call non specific uterine hemorrhaging" says the doctor in her cruel uncaring voice. "Medication will help for the pain but there is nothing we can do" She gets up,wipes herself off and gets dressed again. On her way home she suffers. She looks out the window and does not say a word. Maybe she will finally get her wish. Maybe her life will bleed out before her eyes. A sinister smile appears,and her friend asks her..."Are you okay?" The girl nods her head yes and looks back out the window. Finally home. Walking has become even more painful. She steps into the house,and then it comes...more blood and more pain. She clenches her fists to her sides and bites her lip to keep from screaming out loud. Never in her life has she felt this. She smiles in spite of it all. She may get her wish after all. She goes into the shower and watches as her blood flows from her like a river. She becomes even more pale,and falls to the floor. She is awaken by a knock at the door and a friendly voice "Hey bloody Mary...are you okay?' The girls responds "Not fucking funny and yes I am fine"  a lie she herself did not even believe. As she sits in the shower and bleeds out,all her memories flash through her mind like a movie. So vivid they are. She tastes the great food,hears her children laugh,feels her late husbands kiss,smells his cologne and  the shampoo she would use on her children.Well,if she is to die this way,then at least she goes with the memories she loved. It has all turned black. Cold and warmth consume her body, Almost there. A bright light and a shock to her system. She opens her eyes and she is back in the hospital. She hears voices. She screams because she knew she was in DEATH'S arms,and was ripped away from them. She was so close to going home,now she is once again surrounded by plastic sheets and the smell of bleach......

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