Lets play shall we?

Lets play shall we?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Alone in silence....

As I sit here in the dark,the only light is from the glow of my computer screen,my mind wonders. I think of many things and wonder what if I had done them different,would I be who I am today? What if I was more socially accepted in school,would I be different now in my life? Have that dream job,a solid future? If I wasn't the outcast,would things have played out different for me? Would I own my own home,live that fairy tale life that others have come to believe actually existed? Well,I do believe in fairy tales,but the one's that I enjoy are very grim to say the least. The dark side of things has always intrigued me,and they suit me as well. I have my times of pain as well as happiness,but change anything about me? BLOODY HELL NO!!! If anything was changed,I would not be who I am now. For those of you who know me,be it face to face or on Facebook,you know my story,and you have an insight on my thought process. Our trials and tribulations are badges of honor that should be worn proudly. It's not about the end result,it is all about the journey we take to get there. We meet many people along the way,some we remember,and others that we beg to forget. I am proud of the wicked woman I have become. I will always stand out in my own way,and wear pain as beautifully as I can. See,for those who do not know,I did have that fairy tale. A wonderful husband and three angelic children. My husband passed away next to me in our bed 16 days after we were married,shortly after that two of my children were taken away from me by his mother. All I have left are old pictures and memories of my past. It is just me and Corbin now. Me and him against the world. He is all I have left from my fairy tale. That is fine with me. Things changed for me in a blink of an eye,my downward spiral. I am slowly coming back to my own,but I have changed. I am a bit darker,a bit more evil,and trust less,yet I have learned never to take for granted those who are in my life. I would give it all away for just one more kiss,one more hug,another laugh from them all....
Well reader's...thank you for taking the time to look into my soul
Bites and Bloody Kisses.....

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