Lets play shall we?

Lets play shall we?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Let me remind you of why you were scared in the first place....

Greetings to all my Gothlings. I hope your evening is is just as dark and sinister as mine is. So my question for you all is this,what film scared you the most as a child? I am talking about what scared you so very bad that when the title was spoken aloud,you shivered,the film that made you awake from a sound sleep screaming in terror,the one that made you keep your arms and legs from being draped off the side of your bed at night? Now that I have your attention,I will tell you mine.
The one that did it for me was a Canadian horror film from the 1980's called "Terror Train". This film was directed by Roger Spottiswoode,and had a cast of a few names we all know and love,such as Jamie Lee Curtis who plays "Alana" the sexy co-ed,and David Copperfield (yes I am serious) who plays the hired magician (not original but hey)
So it starts off at a New Year's Eve party at a college frat house. Sexy Alana was convinced to play a trick on a shy freshman named "Kenny" who is played by Derrick MacKinnon. Alana tells Kenny to meet her in a room for a good time of sex and fun. But what Kenny doesn't know,is that Alana will not be in the room waiting for him. Instead,there is a corpse in the bed. Kenny goes insane and was locked away in a psychiatric hospital. Three years pass,and the group of students meet up again for a costume party that takes place on a train. One by one they students turn up dead. Remembering that Kenny was a huge fan of magic,the surviving students believe that the magician is actually shy Kenny. During all this turmoil Kenny finally meets Alana face to face and forces her to kiss him. After the kiss,Kenny relives the past and falls deeper into his insanity.  Alana's boyfriend finds them,beats the shit out of Kenny with a shovel,and causes Kenny to fall to his death from the train's door. The final scene shows Kenny's body fall into the ice filled water,and the train moving on.
Now I know it doesn't sound that scary,but the mask that Kenny wears is none other than a Groucho Marx mask,fucking scary to me as a child. My brother's would just say this title and I would scream. Ever since then,me being 5 years old,that seed was sewn. The sexy sound of the siren's scream of terror,the rush and anticipation of the killer stalking his victim,the lust I felt when waiting to see the blood spatter...oh yes,I am a fan.
So with that being said,tell me reader's...what scared you? What reminds you of why you are scared of the dark?
Bites and Bloody Kisses

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  1. My brother still to this day calls me up and screams "TERROR TRAIN" into the phone. He is an idiot but hey. Like I said above,this movie was what made me fall in love with blood and guts....a little girl raised by terror,such a sweet thing it is....BOUND IN BLOOD NOT BY IT!!!!